Carlo Rocuant Workshops


Workshops are made in Pucón IX Region, Chile.
These workshops are different depending on the knowledge of the people and what they want to learn. They are from basic photography, passing through manual use of the camera, Photography Intermediate level, astrophotography (night tours) and so on.

Workshops can be 1 or 2 days. For 1 day it is a field trip in a place arranged.

Option of two days means that in the first day there is a field trip and in the second day images or pictures taken the first day are editing using softwares as Photoshop or Lightroom.

The photographic safaris are excursions for maximum 4 people, to different places and attractions in IX region. They can last 1 or 2 days. It is focus on foreign people who wanted to improve their knowledge in photography and know the flora and fauna of the area.
This service includes transport and meal (generally energetic snacks for the trips and dinner at the end of the day).            
Additional services as accommodation we are able to create a complete pack for you.
Workshops can be taken for any person. It is not necessary to be a photographer.
Also, workshops are for professional photographers or people who have advanced knowledge and want to know new places and flora and fauna to take photos.
If you do not have professional equipment (camera and tripod) we can lend them.
Safaries and workshop are customized and at any time during the year. Our only requirement is your desire to have a good time taking photos during the trip.